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Student researcher Miguel Alvarez stands a top a ladder in the Adverse Environment Rotor Test Stand 
(AERTS)  Lab

Miguel Alvarez

Miguel is a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering at
University Park.

Research project and interests

I am currently working on the experimental setup of a partially melted ice crystal generator that is going to be part of an icing wind tunnel we are building in the Adverse Environment Rotor Test Stand (AERTS) Lab in Hammond Building. This is hopefully going to shed some light on the fundamental physics behind engine icing.

How did you get involved in undergraduate research at Penn State?

I transferred to Penn State at the start of my junior year. Shortly after, I visited the AERTS Lab and asked if I could volunteer. I liked it and stuck around.

What have you enjoyed most about your research experience?

I like all the hands on experience you get from an experimental facility. Solving problems, breaking things, etc..

How much time do you spend on research?

I spent about 15 hours a week on research as a voluneer, and about 20 hours a week once I became a paid researcher.