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Anne Martin

address: 338B Reber Building
location: Engineering
phone: (814)863-4114
department: Mechanical Engineering


Examining the Influence of Double Support Duration on Walking Gait

Dr. Martin is hiring a responsible female undergraduate research assistant for fall 2017 to assist with human subject experiments. This position is open to females only because many of the participants will be female, and it will be more comfortable for everyone if the researcher’s gender matches participants’ gender. Your duties will include running human subject walking experiments and analyzing the data. You must be able to commit 10 hrs/week to research. Because many of your duties will involve human subject experiments, you will set your schedule based on when the subjects are available. If you would like more information about the GO lab, please visit If you are interested in the position, please email Dr. Martin your resume at

Number of undergraduates needed: 1
Minimum qualifications: undefined