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Andrey Krasilnikov

address: 106 Althouse
location: Science, Eberly College
phone: 814-865-5050
department: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Structural studies of RNA and RNA-protein complexes

We are interested in learning the atomic-resolution details of the spatial organization of highly structured RNA molecules and complexes of such molecules with RNA-binding proteins. Using X-ray crystallography we can determine the three-dimensional structure of the molecule to the finest details; using a combination of crystallographic and biochemical studies we can answer a very broad variety of fundamental questions, ranging from the mechanisms of substrate recognition and catalysis to the structural and functional roles of individual parts of the molecule or complex.

Number of undergraduates needed: undefined
Minimum qualifications: High motivation; commitment to spend at least 10 hours per week for at least 3 semesters; a decent science GPA.