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Charlotte Eubanks

address: Burrowes 452
location: Liberal Arts
phone: 863.4933
department: Comparative Literature


Ukiyoe Research Internship

Students meet with Dr. Eubanks and Palmer Museum staff in the first week of the semester for an orientation. They then select 5-6 woodblock prints from the Museum's collection to research thoroughly, creating a 3-5 page written description for each. The internship gives students an opportunity to polish critical writing skills, learn art preservation and handling techniques, and work with library and museum staff with critical materials. Students earn 3 credits (LA 495).

This opportunity is available during fall and spring semesters.

Number of undergraduates needed: 1-2 per semester
Minimum qualifications:

To be considered, students must have a minimum 3.2 GPA and a solid background in Japanese culture, museum studies, or art history. Language skill (intermediate or above) in Japanese or Chinese is a plus. Students must also have a proven ability to conduct self-directed research, solid writing skills, and substantial coursework in Asian or Japanese literature, history, religion, and/or art. Preference given to seniors and to students who are majors in Japanese, Comparative Literature, Asian Studies, or Art History.