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Lynn Liben

address: 504 Moore Building, Penn State, University Park, 16802
location: Liberal Arts
phone: 8148637391
department: Psychology


Cognitive and Social Development Lab Research Assistant

Illustrative projects include (a) studying mother-child interactions in a lab setting as they play with blocks, read books, and do other activities (families are African-American, Mexican American, Dominican American, and Chinese-American); (b) studying the role of gesture and individual’s spatial skills in children’s understanding of spatially-complex science content, such as geology and astronomy; and (c) understanding children’s ideas about gender and the parent and peer influences on children’s gendered behavior. Students typically help to code parent and child behaviors from video recordings and often help in collecting data. In other research we study how children and adults use maps to get around and learn about the environment, and how maps are understood and used in studying various environment-relevant sciences (e.g., geography, geology). Students typically collect data from college students and sometimes from children, and they all help to develop and implement data coding systems.

For more information, please contact Kingsley Schroeder at

Number of undergraduates needed:
Minimum qualifications: We prefer students who can devote about 10 hours weekly to the lab (3 credits) and who can commit to at least two semesters, although exceptions are sometimes made with respect to both.