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Etya Amsalem

address: 215 Huck Life Sciences Building
location: Agricultural Sciences
phone: 814-863-7675
department: Entomology


Social behavior in insects

We are looking for highly responsible and reliable undergrad students to assist in several projects about social behavior in insects. We combine behavioral, physiological, chemical and genetic aspects to study the complex behaviors social insects exhibit. Students will be exposed to variety of scientific methods and will have the opportunity to work with live insects such as bumble bees and fire ants.

We have several projects studying social behavior, physiology and chemical communication in bumblebees. A student will be assigned to an independent project. A training will be given.

We also look for one student to work with fire ants. The student will work with a postdoc leading the research and assist him in conducting behavioral assays and genotyping of ants. Previous experience with DNA extraction is desirable.

Number of undergraduates needed: 3
Minimum qualifications: Applicants need to be highly responsible, reliable, motivated and enthusiastic about doing research, and capable of conducting an independent work. Background and/or previous experience with bees, in chemical ecology or molecular biology are desirable but not necessary. Applicants are expected to commit for a minimum of 2 semesters and 8-10/hours per week. If interested, please contact me via email, send your CV and transcript and describe your scientific interests, goals and availability.