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Jay Amicangelo

address: Hammermill 41B
location: Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
phone: 814-898-6334
department: Chemistry


Spectroscopic and Theoretical Studies of Transient Species

My research area is concerned with spectroscopic and theoretical investigations of transient intermediates and weak molecular complexes. This is accomplished using an experimental technique known as matrix isolation infrared spectroscopy and also using quantum chemical theoretical calculations. Two projects ongoing in my laboratory are (1) the investigation of nitrogen containing transient intermediates related to silicon nitride (Si3N4) chemical vapor deposition processes using silane (SiH4) and ammonia (NH3) or silane and nitrogen (N2) mixtures and (2) the characterization of weakly bound complexes involving aromatic molecules, such as the lone pair-π H2O·C6F6 complex and the H- π CH3OH·C6H6 complex.

Number of undergraduates needed: 2 - 3
Minimum qualifications: Passed CHEM 110 & 112; also must be responsible and enthusiastic about scientific research