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Jennie Noll

address: 209 Health & Human Development Bldg.
location: Health and Human Development
phone: 814-867-4751
department: Human Development & Family Studies


Techno Teens

The Techno Teens project aims to objectively track the internet and social media behaviors of sexually abused and non-abused comparison teenage girls to understand risk and protective factors for internet-initiated victimization and the impact of electronic media and mobile device usage on teen development in general. See website below for more description. Undergraduate research assistants will be responsible for coding sessions of internet usage and attend meetings.

Research Assistantship (RA) Information:

-RA's work during the fall and spring semesters

-Variable number of RA's will be accepted each semester

RA Requirements:

-Basic computer skills. We will provide all necessary training to complete tasks

-Work with us for at least 2 semesters

-Complete at least 9 hours of coding each month

-Receive research credits. 1 unit =45 hours, 2 units = 90 hours, and 3 unit = 135 hours completed by the end of the semester

-Attend all mandatory meetings (likely 3-5 per semester)

-Track coding hours

-Complete 3 assigned readings and write brief reflection papers.

We have an application process (materials available upon request) for RA positions. Please contact Jacinda Li for any questions or to request application forms.

Number of undergraduates needed: 5 - 10 per semester
Minimum qualifications: Basic computer skills, able to work for minimum of 2 semesters.

Female Growth and Development Study

The principal investigator of this project is Dr. Jennie Noll (Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, Director Network on Child Protection and Wellbeing). The Female Growth and Development Study is currently in its 7th and 8th waves of data collection. Over the past 30 years we have been interested in health, well-being, and development of females who experienced sexual abuse as children and a demographically-matched control group. Now we are interested in their continued development as well as the development of their children. We are continuously looking for undergraduate research assistants (RA) to help us with research tasks, such as data entry, preparing home visit materials, and eventually going on home visits with the team. This is an excellent opportunity to gain research experience for students interested in graduate school! This study may also provide an opportunity for a senior honors thesis.

Our RA's start as a cohort of 3-4 at the beginning of each semester. We are continuously accepting applications. Interviews take place during the last few weeks of the semester prior to the starting semester.

For questions or to obtain an application form, please contact Cheri McConnell,

Number of undergraduates needed: 3 per semester
Minimum qualifications:

Students must be motivated and responsible; have at least a 3.0 GPA; and be a Freshman (2nd semester), Sophomore, or Junior; willing to commit to two semesters of 3 credits/semester (~7 hours/week).