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Jack Carroll

address: 307H IST Building
location: Information Sciences and Technology
phone: 814-863-2476
department: Information Sciences and Technology


Human-Computer Interaction

My research group addresses a wide range of challenge areas in which people collectively and individually use information technology to solve problems, to learn, to be healthier and more active, and even to be better citizens. Our work involves both developing new systems and applications, and directly studying their use by people in lab and field studies. We are especially interested in how people use technology to share and collaborate, to stay aware of news and activity, and to make sense and make decisions in complex and dynamic circumstances. Current focus areas include smartphone apps to support community activity and exercise, collaborative tools for information analysis (forensics), and online support for collaborative learning. We are also part of Penn State’s National Science Foundation Computing Expedition developing smart camera prosthetics for visually impaired people.

Number of undergraduates needed: 3-6
Minimum qualifications: Field or laboratory research skills are useful. Programming or other technology skills are useful.