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Jeremy Gernand

address: 121 Hosler Bldg.
location: Earth and Mineral Sciences
phone: 8148655861
department: EME


Investigation of Engineer Decision Making Regarding Risks and Design Choices

To explore how engineers make decisions regarding risk during the design process, this group will develop one or more "computer game simulations" that will give the opportunity to students and others to make engineering decisions with limited information, weigh critical tradeoffs, and then provide feedback based on the "player's" choices. Though engineers are ethically charged with “holding paramount the health and safety of the public”, it is not at all understood how engineers actually do this in practice, or how engineers could be encouraged to do this better. Risks involve all sorts of critical issues including environmental damage, worker and public health and safety, product safety, energy reliability and security, transportation safety, and national security. This simulation game will be used in undergraduate and graduate research projects, include honors thesis projects, and master’s degree thesis projects. Students interested in pursuing a thesis project are encouraged to apply.

Number of undergraduates needed: 2
Minimum qualifications: The knowledge of or the strong desire to learn computer and web-based application development (html, html5, Java, Python, VBA, etc.). Some experience or training in statistics or data analysis is desired (but a willingness to learn is absolutely necessary). 3rd semester status or higher.