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Jonathan Lynch

address: 221 Tyson Building
location: Agricultural Sciences
phone: 3-2256
department: Plant Science


Root Trait Discovery for Abiotic Stress Tolerance

Apply novel field, greenhouse, and imaging techniques and methods to understand how root anatomy and architecture affects crop growth under drought and low fertility soils. Students will have opportunities to gain experience in laser ablation imaging of root tissues, image analysis, measuring and processing biological samples, and more! Laboratory and/or biology experience is helpful but not necessary.

Roots of the Second Green Revolution

Work with us in the lab, field, and greenhouse to discover root traits that enable crops to grow under drought and with inadequate mineral nutrients. Students will work with graduate student researchers to test new hypotheses, observe and measure plant growth, conduct lab analysis, and analyze and interpret data.

Please contact Dr. Lynch (, and graduate students Chris Strock (, Stephanie Klein (, Catherine Hoover (, and Miranda Niemiec ( if interested.

Number of undergraduates needed: 1-5
Minimum qualifications: none