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Joan Richtsmeier

address: 320 Carpenter Building
location: Liberal Arts
phone: 814-863-0562
department: Anthropology


Genetic, Mechanical, and Temporal Factors of Craniofacial Development

Our lab is looking for undergraduate students interested in anthropology, embryological development, and/or 3D visualization of biological structures to assist us in projects aiming to understand how genes, mechanical forces, and timing affect the processes involved in the development of the skull. Undergraduate students that get involved in this project will learn about mouse development, imaging, skull development, brain development, and gene expression during specific developmental events. Students can gain valuable hands-on experience in cutting edge imaging and computational approaches, as well as experience using embryonic mice as a model for human disease processes. Undergrads will also have the opportunity to assist in the design and execution of research programs that can be used as honors thesis projects, and may have the opportunity to present research at local and national conferences and/or as a portion of a published article.

Number of undergraduates needed: 2
Minimum qualifications: Ability to learn how to use software packages; knowledge of spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel); work independently; interest in biology; computer skills a plus