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Kenneth Levy

address: 362 Bruce V. Moore Building University Park, PA 16802
location: Liberal Arts
phone: 8148631745
department: Psycholopgy


Laboratory for Personality, Psychopathology, and Psychotherapy Research

Dr. Levy’s Laboratory for Personality, Psychopathology, and Psychotherapy Research is seeking undergraduate and post-bac research assistants to perform clinical interviewing and related research tasks. This position is particularly useful for those students who are interested in obtaining clinically oriented research experience and are interested in pursuing doctoral studies in clinical or counseling psychology (or closely related fields). Applicants should be socially poised and interpersonally astute, reflective,, conscientious, and responsible. This is a unique undergraduate experience. Students interested in either clinically or research oriented careers are appropriate for this position. However, your interests within psychology should align with the lab’s interests and research goals. The lab’s broad areas of research span the areas of developmental psychopathology, personality and personality disorders, attachment and relationship functioning, emotion regulation, and psychotherapy process and outcome research. Additional Benefits: Working in the lab provides the opportunities for professional development and to develop an identity as a psychologist. Additionally students have the opportunity to work closely with other undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty and to receive a strong, positive, detailed faculty letter of recommendation for graduate school applications. Over the last ten years over 60 students have gained admission to graduate school prestigious graduate programs (see alumni section under people on our website at Requirements: Students should have sufficient time to devote 9-12 hours a week working in the lab. In exchange for time spent in the lab, student receive 3-4 credits of PSYCH 294 or PSYCH 494 (3 credits for 9 hours a week and 4 credits for 12 hours a week). We would also be interested in students who have Federal Work Study awards. Typically students with FWS work 10-12 hours per week. In addition students are expected to attend a weekly lab meeting. Students should have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, although we will consider those with lower GPA if there are extenuating circumstances. Students should be able to make a two to three semester commitment If you are interested in a position please visit the laboratory website ( to fill out the “Research Assistant Application Form” located under the apply section.

Number of undergraduates needed:
Minimum qualifications: