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Kathryn Jablokow

address: 30 E. Swedesford Road
location: Engineering
phone: 610-648-3372
department: Engineering


Ideation Flexibility

Our project is called Ideation Flexibility, because we want to help engineers become more flexible in the ways they generate ideas. We are investigating how different interventions impact the idea generation of engineers working on design tasks, including how the problem is framed, the use of different design tools, and teaming. The project is being done in collaboration with faculty and students at the University of Michigan and Iowa State University, so the potential impact is broad and very exciting! This is a great opportunity for you to learn about engineering design, problem-solving styles, idea metrics, engineering education, and research methods in general. You will work with an energetic multi-disciplinary team of faculty and students to gain valuable research experience that will help you understand engineering design in more depth. Your research experience may include data collection from designers or design students, coding and analysis of those data, and writing papers for publication at various conferences. Come join us!

Number of undergraduates needed: 3+
Minimum qualifications: Completed EDSGN100 with a B or better; good academic standing.