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Lesley Ross

address: 202 HHD
location: Health and Human Development
phone: 814-865-4773
department: Human Development & Family Studies


Study of Healthy Aging & Applied Research Programs (SHAARP) lab

The SHAARP Lab studies factors that keep older adults independent and mobile. We focus primarily on cognitive and functional abilities that may be modifiable through targeted interventions. Members of this lab have diverse backgrounds and interests (such as gerontology, human factors, neuropsychological assessment, neuroscience), and this is reflected in the variety of approaches we take to study the aging process. Currently we are examining the impact of various cognitive and exercise intervention programs on cognitive, physical, and health outcomes in older adults. We are also particularly interested in the real-world implications of our findings. Please see for more information.

Number of undergraduates needed: 1-2
Minimum qualifications: Willingness to work in a collaborative environment and engage in a monthly community outreach activity with older adults.