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Nina Jenkins

address: 107 Merkle Lab
location: Agricultural Sciences
phone: 814 865 2483
department: Entomology


Mushroom Phorid Fly Research

We are looking for one or two undergrad Research Assistants to work as part of a team in the Entomology Department (Merkle Lab, Orchard Road). The main focus of these positions will be the screening of registered biopesticide products for efficacy against mushroom flies. Undergrads will be trained in experimental techniques, including bioassays,experimental design data collection, and analysis. Research assistants will also assist with maintenance of the mushroom fly cultures, and collection of mushroom fly eggs,larvae and pupae from the colony for use in experiments. Research Assistants will also be given the opportunity to assist with field studies in Kennet Square (Mushroom capital of the USA) depending on availability to spend multiple days off campus. These opportunities are available for either Independent Research Credits, or paid wage payroll positions.

Number of undergraduates needed: 2
Minimum qualifications: undefined