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Richard J. Harnish

address: Administration Building
location: Penn State New Kensington
phone: 724-334-6735
department: Psychology


Functional Theories of Attitudes, Interdependence Theory, Perception of Sexual Intent

My research has focused on three topics - the functional theories of attitudes, interdependence theory and person perception. Of late, my research has focused on understanding how the advice we give and receive serve social-adjustive or value-expressed needs, how stakeholders solve problems facing the community by using exit-voice behaviors, and how alcohol impacts perceptions of sexual intent.
Students who worked with me on my research are involved in all aspects of the project including the discussion of theory, design of the research study, collection of the data, analysis and reporting of the findings. Students have also presented findings of the projects at the annual convention of the Eastern Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, and the Association for Psychological Science.

Number of undergraduates needed: 4
Minimum qualifications: Basic research methods and statistics