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Earle Ryba

address: 202 Steidle Building
location: Earth and Mineral Sciences
phone: 814-865-3760
department: Materials Science and Engineering


The Structures of Crystalline and Quasicrystalline Intermetallic Compounds

X-ray diffraction studies of the atomic arrangements in various intermetallic compounds containing aluminum, rare earths, or other metals are being carried out. Each material presents some interesting challenges. Some materials exhibit twinning, some are high temperature phases, and some have large unit cells. Of particular interest are the quasicrystalline phases which exhibit symmetries forbidden in crystalline structures. Methods for the study of the structures of these strange materials are being developed. In addition to X-ray diffraction techniques, synchrotron radiation studies are frequently employed to characterize them.

Number of undergraduates needed: 2
Minimum qualifications: Third semester standing in a science or engineering program