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Margaret L. Signorella

address: Main Building
location: Penn State Brandywine
phone: not yet available
department: Psychology


Development of Gender and Racial Stereotyping, Consequences of Stereotyping, Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities (especially Spatial Tasks), Computers in Education

I am a social and developmental psychologist who specializes in the study of gender and other aspects of social cognition and the development of stereotyping. My studies have involved children, adolescents, and adults. Students who participate in my research projects are usually introduced to several aspects of research. First, the students participate in the development of research materials and pilot testing of procedures. One semester's group, for example, worked with me to select pictures for use in a study on memory for gender-stereotyped information. Second, the students have judged subjects' memory responses or stories for gender-stereotyped content, or have scored performances on spatial tasks. Third, the students learn how to use computers and statistics, including SPSS, in research. Finally, the students receive some experience in doing library research and literature reviews. More advanced students can design and conduct their own studies.

Number of undergraduates needed: 1 - 5 per year
Minimum qualifications: Above average performance in PSYCH 100 or comparable courses