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Sandra Azar

address: Psychology Moore 360
location: Agricultural Sciences
phone: 814-865-6019
department: Psychology


Sleep, Social Information processing and child neglect and parenting

Current studies in the lab focus on sleep and its impact on parenting and social and neuro-cognition and child outcomes, aging out of foster care and homelessness and adult development, and the use of gaming technology to intervene to prevent childhood injury. The diversity of projects in the lab allows for a wide range of experiences for undergraduate research assistants. RAs learn about cognitive and neurocognitive tests, mother-child interaction patterns, and measurement of sleep and links to health. Undergraduate assistants may be trained to score standardized behavioral rating scales, enter data, conduct literature searches, and gain experience with statistical software. Exceptional students may participate in home visits with study participants. In addition, bi-weekly lab meetings provide a forum to discuss theory and clinical applications of the research and policy, to address any questions that arise from work in the lab, and provide career guidance.

Number of undergraduates needed: 2-4
Minimum qualifications: minimum gpa 3.0 and a two semester committment; must be willing to commit 10 hours to RAship.