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Tim Miyashiro

address: 410 S. Frear Building
location: Science, Eberly College
phone: 814-865-1916
department: BMB


Examining microbial diversity within an animal-microbe symbiosis

The Miyashiro lab is interested in understanding how animals obtain bacterial symbionts from their environment. Using the symbiosis established between the Hawaiian bobtail squid and a bioluminescent bacterium as our model system, we can explore the impact of bacterial diversity on symbiosis. Students will contribute to this project by isolating and characterizing novel strains of bacteria, using microbiology and molecular biology tools.

Number of undergraduates needed: undefined
Minimum qualifications: Freshmen or sophomores only. Must be willing to commit to 10-15 hours per week for at least 4 semesters plus one summer. BMB and MICRB majors preferred. Minimum GPA: 3.5. Students that have taken the inquiry-based MICRB 202 course will have priority.