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Tanya Renner

address: 514 ASI Building
location: Agricultural Sciences
phone: 814-863-5752
department: Entomology


Evolution of plant-insect interactions

The Renner Laboratory is searching for undergraduate research students interested in the evolution of plant-insect interactions and how they influence form and function. We use carnivorous plants as models to study adaptation and current projects focus on the evolution of chemical and structural defenses. The student would be assisting in maintaining carnivorous plant tissue culture, performing DNA and RNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, RT-qPCR, sequencing, and phylogenetics/molecular evolutionary studies. If interested, please contact me via email (, and include your CV, transcript and a statement describing your scientific interests, professional goals and availability. For more information on the Renner Lab, please visit

Number of undergraduates needed: 2
Minimum qualifications: 1) Degree track in entomology, general biology, plant biology, plant sciences, ecology or related field, 2) Completion of BIOL 110 and in good academic standing, 3) Motivated, dependable and reliable, 4) Applicants are expected to commit for a minimum of 2 semesters and 8-10/hours per week (in at least 2-hour time blocks throughout the week), and 5) Able to work as part of a team.