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The 2018 Undergraduate Exhibition

April 18, 2018 - HUB-Robeson Center, University Park Campus

5:00–8:00 p.m.
Alumni and Heritage Halls, Flex Theatre, Freeman Auditorium, Engagement Space, and Art Alley


Students may present their research or creative work in one of three formats:

  • Poster Presentation - traditional research poster
  • Performance - limited to 5 minutes
  • Oral Presentation - students will present their research/creative work in 5 minutes using 1 PowerPoint slide or 1 visual display (i.e. an original piece of visual art)

Undergraduate Research Exhibition

Penn State's annual Undergraduate Exhibition communicates and celebrates the participation of undergraduate students from across the University in scholarly inquiry, research and creative endeavors. Students from all Penn State campuses are eligible to enter one of three formats for sharing research and creative inquiry in the Undergraduate Exhibition. All sessions of the Undergraduate Exhibition are open to the public.

The application is located at

Entries will be accepted February 12–April 1, 2018.

The University Libraries Award for Information Literacy

The Libraries Information Literacy Award recognizes scholarly work based on a foundation of careful background research and literature review. The award is given to entries that demonstrate excellence in information literacy through the following: showcasing your research process and strategies; selection of sources that contribute to your argument and ideas; social, ethical, or economic considerations in accessing information; and credit and proper citation for any quotes, tables, graphs, images, and other content displayed.

For more information, please download the Award Criteria.

Questions about the Undergraduate Exhibition may be directed to Alan Rieck, Assistant Vice President and Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education, at 814-863-1864 or