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Penn State Faculty can use this form or send an email to to post research opportunities for undergraduate students that will be included in our searchable database.  Faculty will be contacted once a semester (at approximately two weeks prior to the end of the semester) and given the option to modify, delete or keep their project posting as is.

Mentor's Information
Opportunity Information

Describe the context and scope of your proposed research project so that it is accessible to students with little to no prior experience. You can also describe the duration of the project, size of the research, and name of the lab team, as appropriate.

Describe the responsibilities of the potential position so that a student knows what, if any, training and preparation to expect, and what tasks they are responsible for. If you expect the student to contribute an estimated number of hours per week, please list that here.

Describe the minimum qualifications of the potential position, which can include, but is not limited to, year in school, coursework completed, GPA, and/or language proficiency.

Discuss any other requirements you have for the potential position, which can include, but is not limited to, length of time available in schedule or number of semesters available for commitment.

Indicate how a student interested in participating in your research or project should apply for the posted position. Please remember to include the name and contact information of the individual or program involved.

Indicate what materials a student should submit in their application (e.g., cover letter, transcript, references, etc.)

Research postings are reviewed on a semesterly basis to ensure accuracy. If you have not contacted to let us know if your positing has been filled and/or whether to keep your posting, then we will remove the posting when it expires. Select the date your position will expire and be removed from the site.
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Please enter your information here in case we need to contact you.