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Intelligent Information Systems

Indexing and retrieval of large quantity of multimedia data is a highly challenging and growingly important research problem for the multimedia research community. Researchers in multimedia, databases, computer vision, machine learning, signal and image processing and statistics have worked on multimedia information retrieval for over a decade. A number of significant technological advances have been achieved in this field. Some of the techniques have been applied to real-world application areas. The research group of James Z. Wang (, aim at developing next-generation technologies for managing large-scale multimedia collections. Honors students are invited to work on a thesis under his group. Scholarships may be made available to outstanding students with excellent productivity and creativity.

Number of undergraduates needed: 2
Minimum qualifications: Excellent programming skills. Interested in problem solving for tackling real-world challenges. Good math skills a plus.

Contact Info

James Z. Wang
313C IST Building
Computer Science and Engineering