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Gene Regulation

Our laboratory is interested in how genes are turned off or on since such regulation is altered in cancer cells. Our goal is to determine how gene regulation complexes work using both biochemical and structural biology approaches. A focus of the lab is to determine the three-dimensional structure of epigenetic and chromatin complexes by X-ray crystallography and cryoelectron microscopy. Current undergraduate projects include (a) coexpression of protein complexes in E. coli and insect cells, (b) affinity purification of proteins, and (c) characterizing chromatin enzymes through chromatin enzyme activity and nucleosome binding assays.

Undergraduates who work in our lab gain valuable experience using cutting-edge technologies to study important biological problems. Our philosophy is to encourage undergraduates to learn new techniques while developing critical thinking and troubleshooting skills.

Number of undergraduates needed: 4
Minimum qualifications: Highly motivated freshmen, sophomores or juniors in honors program preferred.

Contact Info

Song Tan
468A North Frear Lab
Science, Eberly College
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology