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Project SIESTA (Study of Infants’ Emergent Sleep Trajectories)is a longitudinal study of (1) linkages between infant sleep quality during the first two years and infant socioemotional development (e.g., quality of infant-parent attachments, infant behavior problems and behavioral competencies); (2) how parenting of infants at bedtime and night time (from video-recordings), beginning at 1 month of age through 24 months, affects the development of infant sleep quality over time.

Number of undergraduates needed: Variable, depending on the semester
Minimum qualifications: Major in a social or biopsychosocial science area (e.g., HDFS, Psychology, BBH). Students with interests in pursuing careers in early child development, family processes, pediatrics, etch.. Minimum GPA 3.0.

Contact Info

Douglas Teti
Room 105, HHD Building
Health and Human Development
Human Development and Family Studies