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Investigating the Ecology of Mange on Black Bear in Pennsylvania

The Veterinary Entomology Laboratory at Penn State University is seeking motivated undergraduate students interested in vector ecology or wildlife biology student to work as part of a team on a study of arthropod pests of black bear in Pennsylvania. The summer of 2018 students can participate in black bear trapping and sample collection. The Fall 2018 is hunter harvest collections, Winter of 2019 is Den surveys. This is a project under a graduate in the VEL lab that will be conducting both basic and applied research on black bear behavior in relation to mange, ticks, and lice. The successful applicant will investigate the interaction of mange infection in black bears and subsequent treatment, as well as determining mange risk in the environment. The work will involve capture and monitoring of black bears with GPS collars and trail cameras, collecting samples off hunter killed bears, and sampling for Sarcoptes scabiei in the environment, including bear dens. Students will have opportunities to be involved with other projects related to veterinary pests as well. Please see for more information

Website: 4 Chemical Ecology Laboratory
Number of undergraduates needed: 3
Minimum qualifications: 1) Degree track in entomology, biology, ecology, wildlife conservation, 2) ability to work unusual hours to trap bears 3) Ability to lift 40 lbs 4) Dependable (show up when you say you will!) 5) Ability to work as part of a team

Contact Info

Erika Machtinger
4 Chemical Ecology Laboratory
Agricultural Sciences