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Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey

The Survey Research Center is collecting data in Pennsylvania as part of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), a nation-wide study to assess U.S. residents' health-related risk behaviors, chronic health conditions, and use of preventive services. In Pennsylvania, the study is sponsored by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Established in 1984 with 15 states, BRFSS now collects data in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and three U.S. territories. BRFSS completes more than 400,000 adult interviews each year, making it the largest continuously conducted health survey system in the world. The project incorporates yearly data collection and includes an annual report of the findings. By...

Any, Business, Communications and Journalism, Humanities, International Relations, Political Science, and Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences
On campus
September 29, 2023 September 29, 2023
Robot and augmented-reality programming for sensorimotor neuroscience research

This project involves programming a robot in Simulink and MATLAB for sensorimotor neuroscience research. The robot is called the KINARM Endpoint robot (KINARM LAB/) and it is widely used in the field of sensorimotor neuroscience to understand brain function. The robot is programmed so that healthy adults and children as well as patients with neurological disorders can manually interact with it by grabbing a manipulandum. The robot applies gentle forces and participants have to react to those forces.

This work will be done in the Sensorimotor Neuroscience and Learning Laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology. The laboratory director is Dr. Tarkesh Singh. The laboratory is in the basement of the...

Engineering, Life Sciences
Credit, Variable, Volunteer
On campus
September 9, 2023 June 7, 2021
Undergraduate Research Assistant

The REPEAT lab directed by Dr. Emily Ansell, is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the intricate relationships between substance use behaviors and neurobehavioral impacts. Our current project The Stress and Co-Use Study focuses on understanding the differences in alcohol and/or cannabis cue-reactivity among frequent co-users, binge-drinkers, and cannabis users. Our lab employs a diverse range of research methodology including Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA), MRI (brain imaging), and Clinical Assessment to shed light on the nuances of substance use in various populations. This position will be ideal for undergraduates that are interested in getting research experience in neuroscience, biobehavioral health, and clinical psychology.


On campus
August 31, 2023 August 31, 2023
Language learning - research assistant (CoALA Lab)

The Cognition of Adult Language Acquisition Lab (CoALA) conducts research with the goal of understanding what helps learners of another language succeed. The lab uses experimental methods such as brain event-related potentials (ERPs), eye-tracking and behavioral performance measures. Current projects address questions such as: What type of input and training helps speakers acquire the vocabulary of a second language? How do individual learners' cognitive differences influence the type of input that is beneficial? What cognitive processes underlie successful language acquisition in adults? The lab welcomes highly responsible, motivated and reliable students of different backgrounds.

Education, Humanities, Life Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Credit, Variable, Volunteer
On campus, Variable
August 29, 2023 January 3, 2023
HTI Lab - Undergraduate research assistant in human-automation interaction

The HTI Lab is seeking undergraduate research assistants to assist with studies related to understanding the interaction between human-system interactions in transportation and healthcare domains. Research topics include understanding the impact of automation technology on humans' decision-making, trust, situation awareness, and adaptive behaviors. We conduct research via behavioral studies with simulators, self-report questionnaires, and physiological measurements. Current projects are listed as follows.

  • Drivers-AV interaction behavior with a focus on AV interface and driving style designs: Driving simulator experiments.

  • Teen driver behaviors in ADAS systems: Driving simulator experiments.

  • ...
Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Science, Nursing and Health Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Credit, Paid, Variable, Volunteer, Work Study
On campus, Remote
August 25, 2023 August 25, 2023
Undergraduate Research Assistant in Language Acquisition Lab

The research in our lab focuses on how children acquire language and how child and adult speakers use and process variation in language. Many aspects of language are variable, from the sounds we produce while speaking to the grammatical patterns we use to communicate our thoughts. Our current projects focus on how adult bilingual speakers of Spanish and English use these variable patterns when speaking and listening. We use behavioral experimental methodologies to study these phenomena. In our production tasks, speakers record their speech while they describe pictures or they repeat sentences after hearing them played over audio. In our processing tasks, speakers listen to sentences and make decisions about those sentences based on their own knowledge of the language. By doing so, we...

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Credit, Volunteer
On campus
August 21, 2023 October 14, 2021
Research Assistant Positions in the Dismantling Racial inEquities Around Mental health (DREAM) Lab

Description of Lab: The Dismantling Racial inEquities Around Mental Health (DREAM) Lab at Penn State is recruiting volunteer research assistants! The DREAM Lab is directed by Dr. Chardee Galan, an Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Child Clinical Area (https://galanlab.org/). Our lab aims to: 1) advance research on the mental health effects of racism on youth and families of color, including work on racial trauma; 2) develop and test interventions that leverage cultural strengths to promote resilience and mitigate the detrimental effects of racism on youth and families of color; and 3) address key drivers of racial inequities in mental health, including the lack of culturally humble mental health providers and the perpetration of...

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Credit, Volunteer
On campus, Remote
August 17, 2023 August 17, 2023
Development, Risk & Resilience Lab: Spring '24 Research Assistant Positions

Welcome to the Development, Risk, and Resilience Lab. Our goal is to understand when and under what circumstances developmental trajectories of children begin to diverge from normative trajectories among families who are struggling with substance abuse and related issues (e.g., mental health symptoms; caregiving unpredictability). The Development, Risk, and Resilience Lab is interested in how prenatal and early adversities shape the development of children's self-regulation; how these associations may be mediated or moderated by parenting quality; and applying this understanding to prevention. We are also working to understand protective factors that promote resilience in children in the face of early adversities. Our research is funded by the National Institutes of Health, the...

Life Sciences, Nursing and Health Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Credit, Work Study
On campus, Remote
August 15, 2023 September 1, 2023
Pitch Exploration Lab

You're invited! A research group called the Pitch Exploration Lab meets weekly each semester. This space is intended for undergraduates or graduates from any major on campus to explore music/brain/psychology topics but we especially welcome research questions related to pitch processing and psycho-motor activity. Students from Acoustics, Psychology, Neuroscience and all other majors are welcome, as well as students with any background coursework or experience in statistics. Please contact the lab director, Dr. Bryan Nichols at bnichols@psu.edu for more information.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
On campus
July 20, 2023 March 17, 2023
Pennsylvania Gambling Survey

The Survey Research Center is collecting data for the Pennsylvania Interactive, Online Gaming Annual Study, a state-wide study to assess impacts of online gambling in Pennsylvania. The study is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. It has been designed to provide accurate, reliable, and representative data on Pennsylvanians' gambling. Residents across Pennsylvania (PA) have an equal chance of being selected to participate in this telephone survey that allows participants to share their experiences with online gambling. The project incorporates yearly data collection and includes an annual report of the findings. Since PA recently legalized online gaming, we are in a unique position to measure engagement and the impacts. This evidence will guide...

Any, Business, Communications and Journalism, Humanities, International Relations, Political Science, and Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences
On campus
July 11, 2023 July 10, 2023