Design of Compositionally Complex Alloys Using Low-Cost Metals for Marine Applications

Each year, billions of dollars are spent repairing oxidized or corroded structures due to exposure to seawater. To guarantee long-term reliability in marine environments, advanced alloys with high mechanical strength must be designed with increased corrosion resistance. We are investigating compositionally complex alloys (CCA), alloys with four or more elements and no "base element" for use in these applications.

UPDATE: We are not currently in the process of recruiting undergraduate researchers, as undergraduates are not allowed in laboratories at Penn State due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will re-post the advertisement when the research lab is up and ready to take undergraduate students.

University Park
Description of Responsibilities: 
  • Fabricating alloys using an arc-melter
  • Hardness characterization of alloys
  • Conducting experiments evaluating the corrosion properties of alloys
  • Characterizing the surface and cross-sectional morphology of CCA alloys
Number of Opportunities: 
Minimum Qualifications: 

Freshman/sophomore student and enthusiasm and willingness to learn!

Posting Date: 
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 to Monday, May 31, 2021
Position Type: 
Opportunity Timeframe: 
Fall, Spring, Summer
Other Requirements: 

Minimum 10 hours a week

Application Procedure: 

Contact for further information if interested.