Virtual Reality for Smart Manufacturing

This research project is aimed at developing VR/AR models to implement digital twin for a smart manufacturing factory. In the digital world, there will be robots, machines, operators, material handling systems, and warehouse etc. We will use occulus, and/or HTC VIVE VR systems to implement the models of a smart factory.

Complex Systems Monitoring, Modeling and Control Lab: Our lab focuses on data-driven modeling and analysis of complex systems for process monitoring, fault diagnostics/prognostics, quality improvement and performance optimization.

Research topics of interest include:

  1. Process Monitoring, Modeling, and Control;
  2. Health Information Systems and Healthcare Informatics;
  3. Computer Simulation, AR/VR modeling, and Optimization;
  4. Design and Analysis of Physical and Computer Experiments;
  5. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics for Large-Scale Complex Systems; (vi) Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos.

University Park
Description of Responsibilities: 

Your will be sponsored by a National Science Foudnation research project for conducting this research. You will work with the faculty mentor to develop VR/AR models and implement digital twin for a smart manufacturing factory.

Number of Opportunities: 
Minimum Qualifications: 

You are expected to have some exposures to (1) computer-aided designs (CAD), (2) computer gaming, (3) virtual reality, and (4) computer programming. You are interested at finding the secrets of data and have strong determination to work through the problems until you come up with a good solution. Please share your resume when applying to this position.

Posting Date: 
Friday, July 12, 2019
Position Type: 
Paid Employment
Opportunity Timeframe: 
Fall, Spring, Summer, Academic Year