Web Scraping Hospital Sites for Communication Modes Accessible to People with Hearing Losses

The Rovniak Lab (Penn State College of Medicine-Hershey location, https://profiles.psu.edu/profiles/display/113591), is now recruiting an undergraduate research assistant for Summer and/or Fall 2017. The lab focuses on engineering environmental and policy change to promote public health. The current project involves using web scraping technology to search a nationally representative sample of US hospital sites to determine if these sites use communication modes (e.g., email, text messaging, TDD/TTY) that are accessible to patients with hearing losses. The student will be responsible for designing and testing the web scraping protocol, and can receive independent study credit. There may also be opportunities to support a thesis project with the data collected. We require a commitment of approximately 8-10 hours per week, but this can be somewhat flexible depending on the student's needs. Candidates should be reliable, responsible and professional. Prospective applicants should send an email (and a brief CV or resume if available) to Dr. Rovniak at lrovniak@hmc.psu.edu.

Number of Opportunities: 
Minimum Qualifications: 

We are seeking candidates who are familiar with web scraping, or similar technology, and who are highly detail-oriented.