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Marine Ecology and Evolution

Molecular ecology and evolution research encompasses studies of process on three different time scales - affecting individuals, populations, and species. People in the Baums laboratory test ecological and evolutionary hypotheses concerning all three time scales. We focus on research projects that can contribute to both our basic understanding of ecosystems and have applications in conservation biology.

We have two main focus areas in the lab. We study how shallow water corals may...

Mentor: Iliana Baums

2 - 6 open positions for spring 2017 January 1, 2018 July 24, 2018
Microscopy Technology in Biological Research

The Microscopy Center in Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences is a multi-user shared technology facility where a variety of microscopy technique is used to study structures and morphology of cells, tissues, organs, animals and plants. We are looking for a student from bioengineering, biotechnology, or biology to work in an area of optical microscopy, in particular fluorescence microscopy including high-end confocal and high resolution imaging, image process, 3-D analysis. Other tasks may...

Mentor: Greg Ning

1 August 28, 2018 August 23, 2018
MIDUS-National Study of Daily Experiences

National Study of Daily Experiences (NSDE)is one of the in-depth studies that are part of the MacArthur Foundation National Survey of Midlife in the United States (MIDUS, NSDE is the largest longitudinal diary study of daily experiences and health in the U.S. It's purpose is to investigate the role of behavioral, psychological, and social factors in...

Mentor: David Almeida

4 August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018
Modeling Composition, Aesthetics, and Emotions in Photos and Video

Understanding of visual composition, aesthetics, and emotions have a range of applications, including information retrieval, mobile photography, and robotics. The James Z. Wang Research Group ( initiated this line of research as early as in 2005. They are currently developing advanced technologies for future multimedia information systems, mobile cameras, and robots. Honors students are invited to work on a thesis under this group....

Mentor: James Z. Wang

up to 3 January 1, 2018 July 24, 2018
Moistue Damage of Asphalt Concrete

Damage to asphalt pavements due to water intrusion and aggregate stripping is a still a problem that needs attention and research. The research will identify lab test procedures that will be suitable to identify quality of asphalt concrete in its resistance against moisture damage.

Mentor: Mansour Solaimanian

1 January 1, 2018 July 24, 2018
Molecular Neuroscience

Genetic and molecular analysis of neural function and neurodegenerative disease mechanisms.

Mentor: Richard Ordway

4 January 1, 2018 July 24, 2018
Molecular simulations of polymers and complex fluids

Our research is focused on microscopic, physical understanding of the unique material properties of polymers and complex fluids. The hallmarks of these "soft" systems are:

  • interplay between entropic fluctuations and energetic tendency to order;
  • exquisite sensitivity of structure to imposed fields, including deformation and flow.

These features of soft systems afford unique opportunities for design of material properties, but also pose theoretical challenges....

Mentor: Scott Milner

1 to 2 August 1, 2018 September 18, 2018
Mushroom Phorid Fly Research

We are looking for one or two undergrad Research Assistants to work as part of a team in the Entomology Department (Merkle Lab, Orchard Road). The main focus of these positions will be the screening of registered biopesticide products for efficacy against mushroom flies. Undergrads will be trained in experimental techniques, including bioassays, experimental design, data collection, and analysis. Research assistants will also assist with maintenance of the mushroom fly cultures, and...

Mentor: Nina Jenkins

2 August 27, 2018 July 13, 2018
Neurobiology: Synaptic Transmission

Chemical synaptic transmission serves a crucial function in the nervous system by mediating transmission and integration of information carried by electrical signals in nerve cells. We are taking a forward genetic approach using the model system, Drosophila melanogaster, to investigate the in vivo molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission.

Mentor: Fumiko Kawasaki

1 January 1, 2018 July 24, 2018
Physiology and ecology of deep sea corals & temporal change in hydrothermal vent communities in the Western Pacific

Currently research in my laboratory is centered around two projects. One is focused on the physiology and ecology of deep-sea corals and the other examining temporal change in hydrothermal vent communities in the Western Pacific. We have a long-term project underway using digital still images to follow the recovery of deep-sea corals that were impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. In addition, we are conducting laboratory experiments and analysis of corals collected from the sea...

Mentor: Charles Fisher

4-8 January 1, 2018 July 24, 2018