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Design of scientific illustrations

If you are an art or design student and you would like to practice your skills, you could help us design and refine scientific illustrations for publications, presenations and websites. We work on different topics in biology (evolution, ecology, genetics, cell biology). We would work together to understand the content and the essential elements of the project, and you would then be free to choose the design. You are free to decide how much time you want to commit, from a quick redesign of...

Mentor: Marco Archetti

3 June 5, 2020 June 5, 2020
Design of Compositionally Complex Alloys Using Low-Cost Metals for Marine Applications

Each year, billions of dollars are spent repairing oxidized or corroded structures due to exposure to seawater. To guarantee long-term reliability in marine environments, advanced alloys with high mechanical strength must be designed with increased corrosion resistance. We are investigating compositionally complex alloys (CCA), alloys with four or more elements and no "base element" for use in these applications.

UPDATE: We are not currently in the process of recruiting undergraduate...

Mentor: Hojong Kim

1 February 12, 2020 June 3, 2020
Electrochemical and Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid Metals in Molten Salts for Separation of Rare-Earth Metals

Uranium can be recycled from nuclear fuel and reused in nuclear reactors. However during the recycling process, rare-earth elements accumulate in the recycling system, and must be removed to minimize the generation of additional nuclear waste. We are investigating the use of liquid metal electrodes to remove these elements with greater efficiency than current methods.

Mentor: Hojong Kim

2 February 12, 2020 June 2, 2020
#HereToo Theatre & Activism Project

#HereToo amplifies young activists' voices through performance. With a two-pronged approach, we: 1 - gather stories from activists and survivors of gun violence; 2 - archive and share these stories with theatre makers who, in turn, make devised performances about gun culture as it impacts their own communities. This online summer internship begins a new phase of the project, that is, to archive the interviews already conducted in collaboration with the Penn State Libraries, and to produce a...

Mentor: Jeanmarie Higgins

8 June 1, 2020 April 24, 2020
Spectroscopic and Theoretical Studies of Transient Species

My research area is concerned with spectroscopic and theoretical investigations of transient intermediates and weak molecular complexes. This is accomplished using an experimental technique known as matrix isolation infrared spectroscopy and also using quantum chemical theoretical calculations. Two projects ongoing in my laboratory are (1) the investigation of nitrogen containing transient intermediates related to silicon nitride (Si3N4) chemical vapor deposition processes using silane (SiH4...

Mentor: Jay Amicangelo

2 - 3 September 5, 2019 April 17, 2020
Trafika Europe Internships

Trafika Europe is an exciting and innovative project showcasing new European literature in English translation, offering regular semester-long and summer internships.

The project includes our acclaimed Library of Congress-indexed online literary journal series, literary events calendar, online bookshop, audio interviews, literary animated videos, and preparing to launch Trafika Europe Radio – Europe’s literary radio station, online. Please...

Mentor: Andrew Singer

4 January 6, 2020 April 13, 2020
Parent-Child Dynamics Lab

In Dr. Erika Lunkenheimer's Parent-Child Dynamics Lab, we study the ways that parenting and parent-child interaction patterns influence child development. We use dynamic time series analysis to examine how parents and children coordinate their emotions, behaviors, and physiology, and how this coordination is related to the development of children's self-regulation and behavior problems in school. We also examine how parent-child interaction patterns relate to resilience and risk in the...

Mentor: Erika Lunkenheimer

2-3 August 21, 2019 March 17, 2020
Research Assistant

The Parent Regulation, Engagement, Stress, and Health (PRESH) Study is investigating parent stress, parental discipline, and regulatory processes in parents and children, with the goal of better supporting overburdened parents. We are seeking Research Assistants for our Harrisburg, PA satellite research office to support data collection on this large 5-year study of families with 2-3 year-olds. Penn State University Park and Penn State Harrisburg students are welcome to apply.


Mentor: Erika Lunkenheimer

2-3 February 20, 2020 March 17, 2020
Child Health Study

The primary purpose of this study is to learn more about the different ways in which the environment and biology can affect a child’s health.  The information we learn will help us to understand more about children, adolescents and their families. We are looking at the ways in which boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 13 have different life experiences based on the different environments they live in and how these experiences shape child development.

Research assistant applicants...

Mentor: Jennie Noll

4 per semester October 1, 2019 March 17, 2020
Development, Risk & Resilience Lab

Dr. Rina D. Eiden's Development, Risk & Resilience Lab focuses on trying to understand when and under what circumstances developmental trajectories of children begin to diverge from normative trajectories among families who are struggling with substance abuse and related issues (e.g., mental health symptoms; caregiving unpredictability). We are interested in how prenatal and early adversities shape the development of children's self-regulation; how these associations may be mediated or...

Mentor: Jenna Knepp

2-4 March 13, 2020 March 13, 2020