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Solvent Effects on Chemical Reaction

Our work involves the use of spectroscopy and computer simulation to study the ways in which solvents influence solute electronic structure and chemical reaction. Projects include UV/visible and fluorescence spectroscopy, ultrafast laser experiments, NMR spectroscopy, and computer simulations of molecules undergoing charge-transfer and other types of reactions in conventional organic solvents and ionic liquids.

Mentor: Mark Maroncelli

1 - 2 January 1, 2018 July 30, 2019
Intersections of Violence and Health

Dr. Anderson is new to the Penn State UP campus and looking to find bright, motivated, and passionate students to join her work examining the intersection of health and violence. Dr. Anderson's work has focused primarily on the impacts of intimate partner violence and sexual violence on health, health care and community based intervention to prevent and respond to violence, and the intersections of violence, substance use, and mental health concerns.

Specific current projects include...

Mentor: Jocelyn Anderson

multiple October 16, 2018 July 30, 2019
Family, Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Development Lab

Welcome to the Family, Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Development Lab!

Dr. Tornello has three major research interests: Family, sexual orientation, and gender. The majority her work has focused on the role of family composition and parental gender in the family system (children's development, parental dynamics, and couple functioning). How do variations (e.g., pathways to parenthood or division of unpaid labor) and changes (e.g., divorce) in family composition...

Mentor: Samantha Tornello

Multiple November 8, 2018 July 30, 2019
Social Behavior in Insects

We are looking for highly responsible and reliable undergraduate students to assist in several projects about social behavior in insects. We combine behavioral, physiological, chemical and genetic aspects to study the complex behaviors social insects exhibit. Students will be exposed to variety of scientific methods and will have the opportunity to work with live insects such as bumble bees. Students will be assigned to work with a graduate student and training will be given.


Mentor: Etya Amsalem

1-2 July 10, 2018 July 30, 2019
Knitted Light: Manufacture of a Solar Fiber Tension Structure Shade Prototype Using Fiber Optic Strands

The Knitted Light: Manufacture of a Solar Fiber Tension Structure Shade Prototype Using Fiber Optic Strands project is to design a 1: 1 scaled prototype for a solar photovoltaic [PV] fiber tension shade using polymer fiber optic strands and organic solar PV strands to understand what the problems and potential for PV fibers in fabrics. This summer the team will be producing it's own organic solar photovoltaic strands to use in manufacturing the textile for the tension structure. ...

Mentor: Felecia Davis

2 January 7, 2019 July 30, 2019
Bacterial Genetics and Microbiology

My laboratory focuses on two areas that attempt to understand how physiological processes are regulated. One area involves understanding the molecular and genetic events involved in the initiation of sporulation in the bacterium Bacillus subtilis.

A second area of interest is an examination of the frequency and diversity of bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) in the environment. These viruses may offer a relatively unexplored reservoir for novel genes that could play a role in...

Mentor: Tami Mysliwiec

2- 3 January 1, 2018 July 30, 2019
Molecular Mechanisms of Memory

We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated undergraduates interested in neuroscience to get involved with our research on the molecular mechanisms underlying memory formation and age-related memory impairments. We use a combination of behavioral techniques (memory tasks), molecular assays (qPCR, western blotting, immunofluorescence), microscopy, cloning, and data analysis to understand how memories are made and why they are impaired in aging individuals. Undergraduate researchers will help...

Mentor: Janine Kwapis

2-4 January 4, 2019 July 30, 2019
Development of Gender and Racial Stereotyping, Consequences of Stereotyping, Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities (especially Spatial Tasks), Computers in Education

I am a social and developmental psychologist who specializes in the study of gender and other aspects of social cognition and the development of stereotyping. My studies have involved children, adolescents, and adults. Students who participate in my research projects are usually introduced to several aspects of research. First, the students participate in the development of research materials and pilot testing of procedures. One semester's group, for example, worked with me to select...

Mentor: Margaret L. Signorella

1 - 5 per year October 21, 2018 July 30, 2019
Using toad diets to understand arthropod declines

Toads (Bufonidae) are voracious and almost indiscriminate consumers of insects and other arthropods. Recent high-profile studies have revealed extraordinary and alarming declines in the diversity and total biomass of arthropods. Can we detect signatures of these declines in the guts of toads by studying changes in prey items through time? There is an urgent need to understand how widespread these declines are and if multiple trophic levels are affected. We are using historic data collected...

Mentor: Andrew Deans

3 January 29, 2019 July 30, 2019
Dynamics of Plant Cell Walls

Research opportunities are available in the Anderson Lab to study the dynamics of plant cell walls, with applicability to the sustainable production of food and bioenergy from plants. Our group uses a combination of molecular genetics, microscopy, and biochemistry to study how plants assemble, modify, and degrade their cell walls.

Mentor: Charles Anderson

2 March 12, 2019 July 30, 2019