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Intelligent Information Systems

Indexing and retrieval of large quantity of multimedia data is a highly challenging and growingly important research problem for the multimedia research community. Researchers in multimedia, databases, computer vision, machine learning, signal and image processing and statistics have worked on multimedia information retrieval for over a decade. A number of significant technological advances have been achieved in this field. Some of the techniques have been applied to real-world application...

Mentor: James Z. Wang

2 January 1, 2018 October 29, 2018
Functional Theories of Attitudes, Interdependence Theory, Perception of Sexual Intent

My research has focused on three topics - the functional theories of attitudes, interdependence theory and person perception. Of late, my research has focused on understanding how the advice we give and receive serve social-adjustive or value-expressed needs, how stakeholders solve problems facing the community by using exit-voice behaviors, and how alcohol impacts perceptions of sexual intent.

Students who worked with me on my research are involved in all aspects of the project...

Mentor: Richard J. Harnish

4 January 1, 2018 October 29, 2018
Mushroom Phorid Fly Research

We are looking for one or two undergrad Research Assistants to work as part of a team in the Entomology Department (Merkle Lab, Orchard Road). The main focus of these positions will be the screening of registered biopesticide products for efficacy against mushroom flies. Undergrads will be trained in experimental techniques, including bioassays, experimental design, data collection, and analysis. Research assistants will also assist with maintenance of the mushroom fly cultures, and...

Mentor: Nina Jenkins

2 August 27, 2018 October 29, 2018
Physiology and ecology of deep sea corals & temporal change in hydrothermal vent communities in the Western Pacific

Currently research in my laboratory is centered around two projects. One is focused on the physiology and ecology of deep-sea corals and the other examining temporal change in hydrothermal vent communities in the Western Pacific. We have a long-term project underway using digital still images to follow the recovery of deep-sea corals that were impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. In addition, we are conducting laboratory experiments and analysis of corals collected from the sea...

Mentor: Charles Fisher

4-8 January 1, 2018 October 29, 2018
Black Writers of Pennsylvania

The purpose of this project is to develop a comprehensive and concise database of Black literary artists (poets, novelists, dramatists, memoirists, and so on) from or currently working in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with an emphasis on emerging writers and their work. This resource will serve to increase awareness and understanding of Pennsylvania's rich and living African American literary history and its makers. The database will be of value to students, faculty, scholars, event...

Mentor: Megan Simpson

2 - 3 January 1, 2018 October 29, 2018
Chromosome Structure/DNA Damage Resistance

My laboratory is interested in the control of UV and DNA damage resistance pathways at the level of gene regulation in Saccharomyces cervisiae. The main focus of my research is the role of chromatin structure in regulating the expression of DNA damage inducible genes. A secondary interest in the regulation of UV resistance pathways at the post-transcriptional level.

Mentor: Joseph Reese

2 January 1, 2018 October 29, 2018
Manufacturing Processes, Material Processing

Research is in the general areas of metal casting, welding, and heat treatment with emphasis on process control and the interrelationships between processing, properties, and the microstructure of metals and alloys. Most projects are industrially sponsored and include laboratory experimentation. Interdisciplinary research is also being conducted in manufacturing solutions for complex, custom engineered, engineering components.

Mentor: Robert C. Voigt

2 January 1, 2018 October 29, 2018
The Structures of Crystalline and Quasicrystalline Intermetallic Compounds

X-ray diffraction studies of the atomic arrangements in various intermetallic compounds containing aluminum, rare earths, or other metals are being carried out. Each material presents some interesting challenges. Some materials exhibit twinning, some are high temperature phases, and some have large unit cells. Of particular interest are the quasicrystalline phases which exhibit symmetries forbidden in crystalline structures. Methods for the study of the structures of these strange materials...

Mentor: Earle Ryba

2 January 1, 2018 October 29, 2018
Marine Ecology and Evolution

Molecular ecology and evolution research encompasses studies of process on three different time scales - affecting individuals, populations, and species. People in the Baums laboratory test ecological and evolutionary hypotheses concerning all three time scales. We focus on research projects that can contribute to both our basic understanding of ecosystems and have applications in conservation biology.

We have two main focus areas in the lab. We study how shallow water corals may...

Mentor: Iliana Baums

2 - 6 open positions for spring 2017 January 1, 2018 October 29, 2018
Cell Biology of Neurons

Our lab focuses on the basic function and structural organization of neurons at the cellular level. We use Drosophila genetics and live imaging to understand how the architecture of these elaborate cells is established and maintained. We also use the tools and basic knowledge about neuronal cell biology to understand neuronal responses to injury including degeneration and regeneration.

Mentor: Melissa Rolls

typically about 10 undergraduates have independent research projects in the lab. Write to check for current availability. January 1, 2018 October 29, 2018