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Student researcher Mario Soliman at work in the Penn State Biofuels Lab

Mario Soliman

Mario is a junior majoring in biology at Penn State Harrisburg and plans to attend medical school.

Research project and interests

As part of my thesis for the Schreyer Honors College, I am currently studying the biochemical and molecular mechanisms involved in biofuel crops such as Camelina sativa, Sorghum bicolor L., and Panicum virgatum during periods of exposure to abiotic stress.

How did you get involved in undergraduate research at Penn State?

During my freshman year I expressed interest in research to Dr. Sairam Rudrabhatla and began to assist in several projects at the Penn State Biofuels Laboratory. Since then I've been working closely with Dr. Sairam and Dr. Shobha Potlakayala and am a co-author on several manuscripts that are in the process of being published.

What would you tell a friend who wants to get involved in research?

I would encourage all students to take advantage of any research opportunity that is presented to them. Research will not only strengthen your resume, but it will help you become a more disciplined and responsible student.