Steps of inquiry


Look all around you and notice interesting things about the world.

Be Curious

What sparks your interest? Wonder about something that you have experienced.


Out of the wonder, develop a specific question that you want to answer in order to know and understand more.


Find what others have done and discovered in connection to your question or topic.


Design a process (usually disciplinary-specific) that enables you to explore and find new answers about your question and includes possible means to share your discoveries.

Execute and Collect

Put your plan into action by collecting specifically defined information throughout the process.


Put the data developed and collected through your plan into an organized format that allows you to see how the data do or do not answer or provide insight into your question.


Create a product that communicates what you discovered as a result of your plan to answer your question.


Carefully and candidly evaluate the plan and your findings. This usually leads to new questions for exploration.

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