David Stack

David Stack comes from Pittsburgh, PA, and pursued majors in Economics, International Policy, and Chinese at Penn State. He is a recipient of the Carnegie Junior Fellow Endowment and Critical Language Scholarship. Dr. Bee-Yan Roberts, professor of economics and Asian studies, says she rarely encounters students like David who possess “a long-term vision of what they want to do and an understanding of the depth and breadth of skills they will need to be successful in it. He is deeply committed to making a difference in society by cultivating the interface between private enterprise and public goals and he recognizes that public policy encompasses a diversity of interdisciplinary majors.”

When asked about the opportunities that were made available to him as a result of the awards, David says that he can't think of a better way to begin a career in policy than the Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows program. "The combination of substantive work experience, Carnegie's collegial and supportive scholars, and the program's unmatched reputation should significantly enhance my ability to get involved in the sorts of projects that interest me after the end of the fellowship."

Majors in Economics, International Politics, Chinese
Year of Graduation: 
2016-2017 Carnegie Endowment
2016-2017 Critical Language Scholarship to China